About LaQuiel

Hello world! I am LaQuiel and this website is designed, created and maintained by me only. I love the internet, so it’s a must I have my own space within it. Not only will this be a personal blog and outlet, I will provide informational and entertaining content as well. Keep reading to learn more about me.

Texas motherfucker, that’s where I stay!

On this date, in the city of Los Angles within the state of California, an Empress was born. The Empress was born of 2 parents who were high school sweethearts; Hope and Darius. While Hope says labor was painful, her and Darius were patiently and happily waiting on the arrival of their daughter. Hope decided she was interested in naming her newborn Empress Ebony, but, after the Empress stopped crying after being called LaQuiel, the name was decided to be kept. Hope says she made up the name for her Empress and appreciates its uniqueness.